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In our group we used Trangias to cook the meals every day. What is good about trangias, is that they can be compacted into your rucksacks very tightly as shown in the drawing below. With every trangia set it comes with a kettle, a few pans, one lid, and the stand for the flame to be lit in. On our trangia we cooked two hot meals a day. The worst thing about trangias is that they can be quite hard to clean at the end of the day if you have forgotten to put washing-up liquid on the pans before lighting the flame.


Breakfast: Porridge and bacon butties
Lunch: Sandwiches and crackers Apples, and Marsbars
Tea: Ravioli sweetcorn and soup Flackjack and Marsbar

Breakfast: Porridge and flackjack plus malt bread
Lunch: Sandwiches, crackers, apples and marsbars and apple pies
Tea: Pasta, sweetcorn, tuna, chicken soup, Flackjack and fruitbars

Breakfast: Porridge and malt bread plus hot chocolate and flackjack
Lunch: Crackers with cheese, apples, marsbars and apple pies
Tea: Couscous with sardines and apple pies

Breakfast: Porridge and malt bread plus hot chocolate
Lunch: crackers with cheese, apple marsbar and apple pies

"It needs more salt, I reckon!"

Equipment List:

Rucksack- for packing everything apart from your kitchen sink
Waterproof liner- for playing sack races around the campsite
Sleeping Bag- hiding your radioactive feet that are glowing green
Bed Roll- to roll up your mates to make a big chocolate cake (chocolate not provided)
Cagoule- to retain the wet inside your clothes
Overtrousers- to blow up
Gaiters- to keep off mud and peat from your trousers.
Boots- to torture your feet when wet.
Thick socks- to put a sock in ones jokes.
T-shirts- to mop up tea stains.
trousers- to walk in
fleece- to disguise yourself as a sheep.
spare clothes- to put on under wet waterproofs
Toiletries-to brave showers at the campsites.
Loo roll- for playing Egyptian mummies
Hat- to put on lost artic snowmen found on
travels on the Yorkshire dales.
First aid kit- to play doctors and nurses.
Torch- to blind intruders at night.
Whistle- cheaper to learn with your fingers
Watch- to see when it is lunchtime.
String- to make assault courses for other campers
Notebook and pencil- to make notes on the assessors to see if they are up to scratch.
Money and phonecard- E.T. phone Home
Camera- to photograph sheep
Mug Plate and Bowl- to start a drumming band to entertain sheep.
Map Case- to place your map and sweet supplies whilst your walking.
Food- to bribe your team members to walk to the next checkpoint
Zigg bottle- to have competitions to see how easy it is to puncture the bottle.
Emergency Rations- to weigh down your rucksack for the sake of it.
Tent- preferably one with the right poles! (unlike last time)
Washing-up liquid- to forever blow bubbles.
Tea Towel- to wear as a turban when you have lost your hat.
Hair brush- to brush the tangled hair.
Poly Bags-to bin all the team members you can't tolerate.

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