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Silver Expedition to Exmoor

And finally... Group Emotions

At this point we were hot and bothered but we felt very high literally as we had reached the top of Dunkery Beacon.
This is Lizzie probably saying: "Watch it mate!!!" to Simon who was insulting her!
"You! Yeah! Don't look!! Look at the muscles. (Yeah right)" Our group had many things to say, however our group emotions didn't really differ because we got on so well, and controlled our temper.
This is James going in a huff as he was throwing stones into the water but refusing to talk to us
This is Mr. Mason who has been a former teacher of Chipping Norton School. We were totally surprised of his decent on our campsite.
This is the best emotion of all, feeling so tired after the Duke of Edinburgh Expedition Silver Walk. Ruth is feeling the after effects of the journey home.

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