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Silver Expedition to Exmoor

Was any first aid administered or any precautions taken?

There mere no major injuries, but there were a few minor injuries and some precautions taken. Lizzie cut her hand on a bramble and so rubbed antiseptic cream into the cut. We were all eaten alive by the midges and so rubbed Jenny's tea-tree oil into the bites to soothe them slightly.
For preventative measures, we all put sun cream on to prevent being burnt which helped to prevent much soreness, Matt's knee is injured long-term, so as soon as it began to ache, Ruth gave him a knee support to wear for extra support, various people also put plasters on their feet as they wanted to prevent getting blisters or prevent blisters worsening.

Did any funny events or occurrences occur?

During the course of the expedition, there were some particular events that were very amusing. On the Saturday, Ruth gave her- self a huge shock from an electric fence because she was dared by Simon to touch it. He had touched the fence and said it was not electrified. So Ruth decided stupidly to touch it to see if Simon was right. It so happened that a pulse of electricity was sent down and her leg suddenly went up with the shock of electricity. She had the giggles and it was very amusing. This shortly followed after we had all rolled around in the meadow for 10 minutes and ran around falling over in the grass. Beth gave Ruth head locks and she couldn't escape so she had a severe case of the giggles.

Even earlier on in the day we had played a farmyard game where we all made an animal noise in a set rhythm whilst walking. On the Sunday we all sang Disney songs when following the river to make it more interesting. These funny events helped to raise group morale and keep our minds off our sore shoulders or hips or feet.

"Hey Presto!! Turn Ruth
into a cresto!!"
! ... Help! She's
taking my

Other funny events were playing frisbee to these rules when you caught the frisbee you gained one point, however when you dropped it you lost one point between the scores of 1-10. When you had reached 11 -20 you subtracted 2 and when you achieved the score of 21 -30 you subtracted 3 points and so on. This caused everyone playing to dive all around the campsite in peculiar ways. Tom and Simon and matt tried showing off but that all lead to them losing many points and going down into minus numbers. We also played frisbee with mart's bowl which in the end got lost in a bush beside a stream.

We also met the other group and Jo decided to get into the deep river. Don't ask us why?

"Anyone for a swim?"





Madness beyond comprehension!
This is Simon and Tom being mad as usual.








Other high points of the expedition was Beth being absolutely barmy in the morning. Just look at her!






...And it was not just us that was mad...
"Yawn, you are boring Toby!"


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