Forest of Dean Summer Camp 1977

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John Mann, Steven Heath, David Robins and Ian Wakefield's expedition.
2003 - The expedition revisited.
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The camp site before the tents came down. The green and white tents were used by John Mann, Ian Wakefield, Steven Heath and David Robins. The big orange tents (Black's "Good Companion") belonged to the school. Miss Read's mini in the foreground.

Photo: David Robins.


Debbie Howett and Joanne Broadwood take down their tent.

Photo: David Robins



David Robins in the minibus on the journey home. Graham Beacham in the background.

Photo: William Norris


Karen, Madeline and Debbie.

Photo: William Norris


Back in the familiar surroundings of Chippy School, Joanne Broadwood and Miss Read unload the minibus.

Photo: David Robins