Forest of Dean Summer Camp 1977

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Thursday afternoon saw the return of John, Steven, David and Ian's expedition group to Bracelands where they re-erected their tents. The meal that night was Chicken Supreme. It did not agree with Clive Webb. He had to be laid out in the minibus, groaning in agony.

Friday, the last full day of camp, seems to have been a busy day. We walked up to the Suck Stone and later travelled into Ross-on-Wye. With Ian Wakefield, I went to search for Ross Railway Station, the derelict buildings of which I had explored three years previously. Sadly, it had been demolished (The Severn Valley Railway have now built a replica at Kidderminster). Returning to the town we met up with Mr Grierson and some of the girls. We decided to visit the park where we had a go on the crazy golf course, great fun!

Back at the camp a football match was scheduled. They even roped in myself (a confirmed football-hater). The Alsatian dog from the nearby mobile home decided to join in. Generally, play stopped when he had the ball. However, Steven Mahoney decided to tackle the dog and had a chunk bitten out of him. He had to be taken off to hospital for a tetanus jab.

In the evening we had our last-night-of-camp party. The leaders had purchased some bottles of that classic seventies drink "Pomagne". I had never drunk it before, nor have I since! Bill Norris was the lucky owner of an electronic flash unit, a very cool thing to own in 1977, even better than a digital watch or a calculator! This enabled him to take the series of pictures below.


Debbie Howett and Steve Mahoney.

Photo: William Norris


Steven Heath attempts to kill David Robins with a hammer.

Photo: William Norris.


Debbie Howett and Karen

Photo: William Norris.


Person unknown (but could be David Robins!) attempts to put Joanne's head in a rucksack. Caroline and Madeline watch.

Photo: William Norris.


Miss Read has just been presented with flowers and a small pot. She is now being forced to wear the baby's hat.

Photo: William Norris.

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