Forest of Dean Summer Camp 1977

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Spaghetti hoops and fried bread, it must be Wednesday breakfast (see the menu). Mr Grierson cooking.

Photo: William Norris


All of the young ladies present on the camp. Back L-R: Debbie Howett, Caroline Harper and Karen. Front: Joanne Broadwood and Madeline Muller.

I have been trying to work out the location of this picture, with that distinctive round tower. Raglan or Goodrich Castle? The Naval Temple at Monmouth? The Gazebo Tower in Ross-on-Wye? I think the most likely spot is St Briavels Youth Hostel. To back this up Karen is wearing what may well be a YHA badge. Under the D of E rules of the time, girls were permitted to stay in Youth Hostels as an alternative to camping.

Please email if you have any idea where this was taken.

I note Miss Howett is carrying a camera - Debbie, if you are out there, I'd love to see those pictures!

Photo: William Norris.



Joanne Broadwood at Bracelands Camp Site.

Photo: William Norris.


The lovely Karen (can anyone tell me her surname?). I imagine this is taken around breakfast time judging by the stack of cereal packets. Also that good old camping favourite, Rise & Shine fruit juice powder. When did that disappear from the shops?

Incidentally, what is it with the headscarves on this camp? Where they fashionable at the time?

Photo: William Norris.

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